Here is the protocol for students to apply for UNL and the Nebraska Legends Scholarships.

The Legends Scholarships are for incoming freshmen only.

To Apply for Admissions to UNL: Go to:

Click: Become A Husker: Apply

Follow the steps provided

To Submit a Personal Statement:

Go to:

Go to the drop down Menu: Cost & Aid (top middle)

Click on: Scholarships (It will drop down from Cost & Aid)

Go to the bottom right and click on: Personal Statement

For your Personal Statement:

- Must be in 350 words or less

- Include your interest in the Legends Scholarship program

-Include the specific chapter scholarship you are interested in. i.e. Las Vegas Nebraskans Legends Scholarship and if you have family members currently involved in the Las Vegas Nebraskans Club.

-Next include information about your story as a student. This includes leadership, involvement and outside of the classroom activities.

This link is where to go:

The personal statement link will be live from August 1 - March 1 each year. The Legends scholarships for the 2017-18 school year have been allotted. Only apply for Legends Scholarships for the 2018-19 school year.